FAQ for Trainees

What is SportsnTrain?

SportsnTrain connects any individual or group of sports enthusiasts with private coaches and Sports Academies across South East Asia including Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. It is the first platform of its kind to offer such an extensive reach. Amongst its offerings are sports & fitness courses, fitness packages & getaways as well as a marketplace for buying and selling sports gear. It is catered to both the coach eager to motivate & inspire and the trainee or athelete seeking to learn a new skill or improving his/her game.

How do I Register?

You can either log in with your Facebook or Google account or enter your current email address. You can then proceed to fill out the form with your particulars. Perhaps share a thing or two about yourself and post a picture too. Once completed, you’ll receive a confirmation email to verify your login and password.

Where do I start with my search for a coach/academy?

Once you log onto our website, you will see a Find a Coach/Academy tab. Click on it and follow the steps while specifying your requirements. You can narrow down your search by typing in your sports category, location, search radius, and the type of sports you are interested in.

Click on the search tab and let our search engine match you with some of the coaches that best suit your needs. You can browse the search results for your ideal coach, and once you have selected, you may want to plunge right in and make a booking.

However, you need to register for FREE on SportsnTrain to have an all-access pass to the schedules and available classes of the coach you have selected.

How do I learn more about the Coach/ Academy and how do I get in touch with them?

So you think you’ve found your ideal coach or academy, click Contact Now on the listing page. You’ll be able to learn more about the coach including his specialities, coaching experience and available training slots.

It gets better. By clicking on Book now or See more, you’ll get access to the Coach’s schedule. You’ll see the sessions that are still available for booking. Proceed to select the time slots you’re interested in. Once you’re satisfied with the selection you’ve made, proceed to book. Get your credit or debit card ready and make payment.

You’ll receive a confirmation email with all the contact details of your Coach. Go ahead and smoothen out any details with your Coach if required by phone or email.

How much does it cost to book training sessions?

Sports Coaches or academies set their own rates on SportsnTrain, so pricing varies based on the coach/academy you choose; a coach and academies' pricing can be found on their profile page or their calendar. Look out for fitness packages as many of our coaches or academies offer discounts for packages for multiple sessions or multiple athletes. At SportsnTrain, we do not charge Placement Fees.

I’ve got questions. Can I contact a coach/academy before booking sessions?

Once you have booked your session, you can email or chat with the coach/academy at any time by clicking the Message button on the coach or academy’s profile page. Your message will be emailed to the coach/academy, and his or her response will be emailed back to you. You can also view your correspondence with the Coach in your Account in My Messages.

In order to speak with the coach/academy over the phone, you must first submit a booking request. You can do this by clicking the "Book Now" option on any of the coach's/academy’s packages. Once you send your coach/academy a booking request, he or she will be able to accept the booking request which will automatically send you their phone number via email.

If after your contact over the phone, you decide it might not be the best fit or you prefer to switch to a different coach/academy, we can transfer you to a different coach/academy or process a refund to your credit card.

Please be informed that all correspondences between coaches and trainees via phone, email, WhatsApp or other forms of text messaging are not permitted before a formal booking on SportsnTrain.

I haven't received a response from a coach/academy I've messaged, what now?

If you do not hear back from a coach/academy within 48 hours of reaching out to them, please confirm your message was sent. It's possible your coach/academy replied to you and the reply ended up in a spam or promotions folder in your email account.

  • Confirm that your message was delivered to the coach/academy by checking your messages in your SportnTrain account.
  • Responses from coaches/academies can sometimes end up in the Junk/Spam folder of your email account, depending on your personal email settings.
  • To ensure that new messages do not get lost in your spam or junk folders, adjust your email client's filter settings to allow for incoming messages from contact@sportsntrain.com. Because spam and junk mail filters vary between email clients (Gmail, Outlook, etc.), we recommend that you follow the spam filter settings instructions for your specific email client.

If after all these checks, you’re positive you haven’t heard, back from your coach/academy, contact us. We'll do our best to reach the coach/academy and confirm their availability, and in most cases, the coach/academy will then follow up with you shortly.

In the meantime, you could also message additional coaches/academies in the event your initial choice for a Coach is unavailable. We do encourage coaches/academies to respond as soon as possible and even require coaches/academies to reply to all new messages within 48 hours. Rest assured that we’ll do our utmost to remove the frustration from your transactions on SportsnTrain. Please feel free to reach out to us at any moment. We have your back!


Who are they?

Each and every one of our coaches/academies are leaders in their fields. Their level of expertise (and therefore the price) do vary. In the SportsnTrain network, we have some multi-talented and very experienced coaches, some who have just graduated from university whilst others made career switches to dedicate themselves to their passion for sports and education and following a calling to coach!

You can learn more about each Coach/Academy through their biographies in their listings. If you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

How does SportsnTrain select Coaches & Academies?

Coaches/academies are required to submit an application to be part of the SportsnTrain network. We subject them to a thorough and rigorous selection process, backed by stringent checks to verify all claims of certification. In accordance with our quality charter, all our Coaches and Acadamies are qualified. And as the expertise of the coaches/academies may vary, SportsnTrain ensures that their respective rates correspond to their level of expertise.

What is SportsnTrain's cancellation policy for scheduled sessions?

All bookings can be cancelled by default without penalty within 48 hours.

If you change your mind about a booking, simply cancel it from your Accounts in Bookings. However, if the coach/academy doesn’t receive that 48-hour advance cancellation notice, the coach/academy may, at his or her discretion, mark that session complete and receive payment in full.

Please be informed that Coaches/Academies have their own cancellation policies. It is prudent to be aware of them before booking.

What happens if a Coach/ Academy cancels my booking because of bad weather or has been over-booked?

The coach/academy will contact you directly to reschedule a session within the next 6 months.

What can I do if I was not satisfied with my experience with the coach or academy?

SportsTrain strives to maintain the highest standards in coaching. With your constructive feedback, we can only improve by reviewing our current operations and more importantly, the quality of coaching that your receive.

If, for any reason, your coaching experience did not meet your expectations, please feel free to submit a review on the coach/academy. At the same time, please contact us within 24h of your session by writing in to claim@sportsntrain.com, detailing and explaining to us why you are unhappy or dissatisfied.

We take all feedback and complaints seriously and will carry out internal investigations of our own. It is imperative that we ensure all our coaches and academies conduct themselves professionally. As such, do read the reviews and feedback from other trainees. Not only will it help handle your expectations but it would be helpful in assessing the expertise of the Coaches.


What are Packages all about?

If you’re planning on signing up for an immersive training course or fitness getaway, check out our packages on offer. Our coaches and academies design their packages by grouping individual training slots to provide a more comprehensive coaching experience. Your progress can be tracked by your Coach and with each passing session, connect socially with other fitness enthusiasts. So how does ten consecutive football sessions once a week or a 1-week skiing getaway in New Zealand sound to you?

How do I search for the right package?

Packages are classified by sport, location/country, level, gender, number of trainees and period.

How do I book a package?

When you have found the right package, simply click Book now. The Coach or Academy who customised the package will be displayed along with details of the package. All that’s required is for you to confirm the booking.


How do I place an advertisement or offer as we call it ?

There are 2 ways create your offer:

  • When you have signed into your account, go to Marketplace from your dashboard. Click Add Offer to create your advertisement.
  • From the Marketplace page, you will find the link Start Selling & Get a free listing up today! Simply follow the steps to create your offer.

What can I sell?

You can sell anything related to any sports, fitness or leisure activity.

How to ensure my offer or advertisement is LIVE?

You’ll certainly want your offers to appear frequently in search results. After creating your offer by tagging it appropriately with the righ keywords, pricing it, uploading a picture etc, be sure to save your work and ensure that the status of the offer appears as Published. This will enable your offer to appear in all relevant searches. Whilst you’re at it, you can even boost your offers’ rankings as well by using the Booster function.

How do I boost my post to gain more visibility for my offer?

Just before publishing your offer, look for the Booster icon. Click on it and specify the number of days you’d like the Booster function to last. It’s a small price to pay for greater visibility.

Can I contact the seller?

Certainly. You can reach the seller by email, by phone or even through Messages on SportsnTrain from your own Account.

Does SportsnTrain charge any fees or commissions on Marketplace?

SportsnTrain charges ZERO commission on every transaction on our Marketplace. We want you to buy and sell with absolute peace of mind.

How do I delete my offer?

Go to Marketplace from your dashboard. Simply click on the red X icon to delete the specific offer you’ve chosen.


I’d like to speak with a member of SportsnTrain. How do I contact you?

Please feel free to send us a message in Contact Us or email us directly contact@sportsntrain.com.