FAQ for Coaches

Do I have what it takes to be a Coach ?

If you are already a qualified & certified independent coach or academy, sign up today! All you require is a valid working pass in the country of registration. The rest is a walk in the park.

What are the benefits I can enjoy as a Coach ?

Apart from a whole lot of visibility on the SportsnTrain website which comes free, we’ll handle customer queries for you too. This will all fall under the area of customer management! We’ll also be actively promoting SportsnTrain through advertising campaigns across the internet and develop partnerships with relevant brands to maintain interest and encourage more sign-ups. We’ll be working hard behind-the-scenes for you, our Coaches, free-of-charge and with no strings attached. Believing in us and being part of our network is thanks enough!

How do I get started and get featured ?

We see that you’re raring to go! Let’s get rolling.
From your profile page on SportsnTrain, proceed to set your practice locations, your availability and your fees. You’ll find that it’s a simple and powerful tool. Enjoy the following benefits.

  • Generate income in a secure and immediate way.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of scheduling your sessions in calendar slots based on your availability.
  • Enjoy optimum visibility through our marketing efforts. We’re mindful of maintaining a quality site with solid SEO strategies in place.
  • ZERO fixed fees. That’s right! Apply to be part of our network of Coaches and promote yourself on our website for FREE. SportsnTrain is remunerated exclusively on commission! It’s all a team effort.
  • Be assured that the payment facilites are safe and secure. We have partnered with a reliable payment platform called Stripe connect that will also provide detailed summaries of your transactions.

How does one become a Coach/Academy ?

If you are interested in becoming a coach/academy SportsnTrain, simply register on our site via the button Be a Coach/Academy. Enjoy FREE registration now. There are no strings attached. Once you submit your application to be a Coach, we’ll have it processed within the next 72 hours. Our Selection Committee will review your application during this time. Once approved, you’ll receive an email informing you of your successful application. There are instances where we might require more information. If so, we shall be in touch.

Am I under contract or do I have to pay SportsnTrain a subscription fee?

There are absolutely no subscription or sign up fees!

You have our word that our Coaches pay nothing until a trainee has booked and paid for sessions/classes with you. At SportsnTrain, we practice a commission-based system. If you don’t earn, we don’t deserve to either.

How do I make full use of my Profile Page?

Now that you’re a Coach on SportsnTrain and your profile has been created, let’s get your started to make you stand out. Let us guide you along in a few simple steps.

  • Put your best foot forward by providing information about your experience in coaching. Elaborate on your journey thus far as an athlete in the amateur or competitive arena, highlight your background in coaching at an academy or showcase your speciality. The idea is to impress and gain the confidence of your potential trainees out there . After logging in, from your ”Dashboard”, go to "My Profile" and summarise your best performances, coaching experience, training style, and your specialties. Keep it tight and easily understood. Once you’ve completed your Bio, Click Save!
  • Create your classes/sessions to show your availability as a Coach. In the "Calendar" tab in your “Dashboard”, you can create classes/sessions across different sports. Set your hourly rates or create training sessions on different days, across weeks and even months. Adjust the frequencies of your sessions or even repeat them across several weeks. Do explore the various features available. You can even create fitness packages. The more available you are, the higher the chances of getting bookings.
  • Open a Stripe connect account in minutes. You’ll find a link in your profile page titled ‘’Connect with Stripe’’. Simply fill in the necessary information and proceed from there. It’s completely safe, secure and reliable.
  • Make sure to provide your contact and location details. Not only will it easier for potential trainees to contact you with their queries but it would certainly enable SportsnTrain to be more responsive as a whole.
  • And most importantly, don’t forget to provide a great profile picture of yourself! Be yourself. Look approachable. Be professional.


What do I do when a booking comes in?

As soon as a trainee books one of your sessions/classes/ packages, you will receive an email with all the following information (Trainee name, Trainee address, course type, day and class schedule etc). Get in touch with the trainee(s) ASAP to establish the first contact. If for some reason, you are not able to fulfil the booking request, you can reschedule the slot by contacting the trainee personally to arrange a new session.

Is there a way to boost my profile?

Most definitely. In your Profile Page, you will find a booster button to help you shoot up the search ranks and improve your visibility.

What is the cancellation policy of SportsnTrain?

The decision is yours to make. You can specify anything from a minimum of 48 hours to a month or perhaps not have one at all. We understand the common scenario of non-refundable advanced bookings where you need to plan well ahead of time as a result of a busy schedule. Just be sure to spell out these conditions in your course descriptions.

In a case scenario where the cancellation policy is 48 hours, what happens if the trainee cancels his session after 48 hours ?

The trainee would have forfeited her right to cancel and you’ll still receive payment 72 hours after the booked session.

Am I required to provide access to sports facilities?

Yes, especially if the trainees and the nature of your coaching require it. All our coaches must provide access to secure facilities that are well-designed and efficiently run to conduct their classes/sessions. Depending on the nature of the sport, we do recommend that our Coaches provide access to a gym, dance studio, a field or any other appropriate facilities. Tap on other coaches or book a space online. Most SportsnTrain coaches have found it practical to include such costs in their rates, thus offering an all-inclusive package.

How does the coaches payment system work?

As a coach at SportsnTrain, you set your own rates and determine how much you charge your clients for a single session or package. While registration and advertising on our platform are 100% free, we charge a 10% commission per transaction in Singapore and 15% outside Singapore for every session or package clients book on your profile. Therefore, we only charge you when you make a booking.

Additionally, we bear the Stripe commission fee for all transactions ensuring you have the peace of mind of using our platform.

Are payments for my classes/sessions made directly to my account?

Yes. Once a class/session is completed, go to "My Orders" in your Profile page, select the relevant booking and click on "Add a completed session" button. The transfer to your bank account will be made within 72 hours. Simply ensure that you’ve provided your bank account details in your Profile page.

Are promotions the responsibility of the Coaches?

No. All promotional offers on our various communication channels will be maintained and taken care of by SportsnTrain. We want our Coaches to stay focused on what matters most!