Picture of Fabrice Nachbaum which is the founder of sportsntrain


Driving Force

Behind the Dream

SportsnTrain is the brainchild of one man, Fabrice Nachbaum. And if you ever get the chance to catch up with him, it is to tear him away from his enthusiasm for all things sports.

A former French tennis coach, he dabbles today in a myriad of activities that range from hiking to boxing, football to diving! Currently, he enjoys the sunny climes of Singapore, the hotbed of athletics in the Asia Pacific region.

Being both a sports coach and a sportsman has given me a broad perspective on what I seek from professional guidance and what is desired from individuals hoping to achieve their personal goals and living their dreams.

Transforming lives through coaching has always been my ultimate goal because I have experienced the strength first-hand not just physically but mentally and emotionally. Not only does it builds up your confidence in life, it boosts your character and the social influences that come about is priceless. The world truly becomes your oyster.

We all need a little boost and a helping hand. That is why I’ve created SportsnTrain to connect you not simply with coaches but with communities of fellow sports enthusiasts.