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About Us

For too long, finding a reliable personal trainer has been a painful process.!
Sportsntrain.com is here to change this so that you can spend less time worrying about your personal trainer, and more time exercising and training.

SportnTrain.com is a marketplace that connects gym enthusiasts to personal trainers and coaches in various regions.
We serve our customers in three main ways:

  1. Personal training services:
  2. we have a wide selection of personal trainers to choose from in more than 40 sports. All personal trainers have their profiles that you can use as a reference point before hiring them.
    Our personal trainers help you accomplish your personal goals through motivation and accountability.
  3. Academies:
  4. we have a network of sports academies you can choose from to help you attain your training and exercise goals.
    These academies are well crafted to boost your confidence and communication skills in various sports activities.
  5. Coaching service:
  6. for personal trainers, you can promote your training skills and qualifications as a private coach with our platform.
    We provide you with access to thousands of clients for free listings and immediate bookings. Our team takes care of the rest.

Whether you want to train with a group or solo, we’ve got those. Our trainers can offer you services as a single person or as an entire group.

Sports activities

Sports activities: We offer sports coaches and academies in more than 40 sports, including Personal trainer, swimming, Yoga, Pilates, football/soccer, tennis, rugby, badminton, boxing, taekwondo, kickboxing, wing Chun, Brazilian, wrestling, rehab, basketball, boot camp, physiotherapy, among others.

Business opportunity

Business opportunity: Personal training is becoming more and more lucrative in Singapore due to the growing metropolitan population.

Our key features

On-demand coaching

On-demand coaching: Can’t find any suitable option? All you have to do is send in your personal demand in one click to your preferred coach. Our coaches have the freedom to accept your proposals and even offer a counter-proposal that fits your budget, time, and schedule. With on-demand coaching, you can get what you want, and when you want it without spending hours searching for a personal trainer.

Moreover, you can receive several requests from various choices. And from there, you can pick the best offer based on your needs and enjoy your training.

One on one

One on one: You can easily arrange your workout schedule with our personal trainer for face to face sessions, depending on your time. We understand you have to work, study, and take care of your family. Therefore, give you the flexibility you need by allowing you to create your workout plans to fit your needs.

Sports coaches can also advertise their group sessions on our platform.

Online coaching

Online coaching: Online coaching is our newest addition. It allows you to train from the comfort of your home at no added cost. Our pro coaches use Skype, Facebook, Instagram Live, and Skype to deliver quality workouts for you.

Group sessions

Group sessions: Do you lack the required motivation to reach your goals? At SportsnTrain, you can find group sessions workout that provides you with the needed motivation to workout. By working out in a group, you’re able to get the support and encouragement you need from other people.

Leadership team

Fabrice Nachbaum


CEO & Founder

Emilie Tisserand


Marketing & Media

Guillaume Martin

Guillaume MARTIN

Consultant & Sales manager

Siti Ismaliah


Director & Admin

Song Jie


Developer & IT

SportsnTrain Global

Currently, we operate in the following countries:

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Hong Kong

SportsnTrain team

SportsnTrain.com features an amazing team of impressive credentials in Marketing and Business Development, Technology, Project Management, and Operations. With our team, we bring you an effective, user-friendly, and seamless experience in your search for personal trainers and coaches. We are passionate about assisting personal training freelancers, and gym enthusiasts flourish in the community.

Picture of Fabrice Nachbaum which is the founder of sportsntrain


Driving Force

Behind the Dream

SportsnTrain is the brainchild of one man, Fabrice Nachbaum. And if you ever get the chance to catch up with him, it is to tear him away from his enthusiasm for all things sports.

A former French tennis coach, he dabbles today in a myriad of activities that range from hiking to boxing, football to diving! Currently, he enjoys the sunny climes of Singapore, the hotbed of athletics in the Asia Pacific region.

Being both a sports coach and a sportsman has given me a broad perspective on what I seek from professional guidance and what is desired from individuals hoping to achieve their personal goals and living their dreams.

Transforming lives through coaching has always been my ultimate goal because I have experienced the strength first-hand not just physically but mentally and emotionally. Not only does it builds up your confidence in life, it boosts your character and the social influences that come about is priceless. The world truly becomes your oyster.

We all need a little boost and a helping hand. That is why I’ve created SportsnTrain to connect you not simply with coaches but with communities of fellow sports enthusiasts.